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How to Know You Need a Plumber

Sometimes it seems plumbing problems are part of being a homeowner. How do you know when you need plumbing services? After all, DIY home repairs are quite popular these days. However, you may already be familiar with a saying that goes, sometimes, it’s best to live it to the professionals. Not all plumbing problems can be DIYed and trying to tackle the problem yourself can make the situation even worse. With that in mind, check out the following scenarios where it’s recommended to use professional plumbing services.

When You Can’t Fix The Problem Yourself

As mentioned, while DIY projects are money-savers, they are not always feasible when faced with a complicated plumbing problem. Think about how long it takes for a professional plumber to gain the right amount of training and experience. The training and experience are necessary because there are some plumbing issues you can’t just fix by watching a short YouTube video or through guesswork. In addition, you may simply not have the right tools lying around the house, so it’s impossible to fix the issue. In contrast, a professional plumber has plenty of hands-on experience and they know how to diagnose and implement plumbing solutions according to the latest coding standards. So, if you’re not confident about your handiwork, save yourself the hassle and call a local plumber instead. It’s the quickest way to get a lasting solution.

You Have Clogs In the Shower or Sink

Clogs in your shower or sink are not that hard to miss. When there’s a blockage, you’ll notice that water drains slower than usual or doesn’t drain at all. For instance, you may be standing in the shower and then you find yourself wading in a pool of dirty water. In another instance, you may be washing dishes and the kitchen sink keeps overflowing. Sometimes clogs can result in odd noises and unpleasant smells coming from your pipes and drains. You may hear gurgling or smell sewage in your home.What this means is that there’s some kind of blockage or clog that needs to be removed. The most common causes of clogged drains include food waste, hair, mineral buildup, soap, or any small object that doesn’t belong down the drain. Some clogs are particularly stubborn and difficult to remove using a plunger. A plumber is better equipped to remove these types of clogs using a specialized tool.

You Have Low Water Pressure Or No Water Coming Out

It’s nice when water is gushing out of your taps. The high pressure allows you to work fast, whether you’re taking a shower, shampooing your hair, or washing the dishes. That’s why it’s so annoying when the water pressure in your home suddenly drops. Imagine having to wait for ages for your sink to fill up just so you can start washing the dishes. It’s even worse when the water pressure slows down to barely even a trickle. If you have turned the tap or handle all the way and you’re not happy with the amount of water that’s coming out, then it’s time to take advantage of plumbing services. A plumber will either remove the clog that’s stopping the water from flowing out or check if there’s a leak. Typically, the root problem happens behind the walls or out of your sight, but a trained and experienced plumber can dig deep enough to find the source of the problem and the best way to fix it.

You Don’t Have Any Hot Water

Hot water is one of the best conveniences of the modern world, so it can be pretty upsetting if you suddenly have to do without it. If it’s winter, it’s not feasible not having hot water in your home. So, if you find out that water is coming out, but it’s not getting hot, you’ll need professional plumbing services as soon as possible. It’s crucial that you avoid DIY water heater repairs as this could be dangerous if the process involves handling the electrical or gas components.

You Have Leaks

Your pipes are susceptible to bursting, especially in the winter months. This can lead to a pipe bursting which leads further to water damage if the problem is not remedied quickly. Therefore, if you suspect there’s a leak in the house, it’s essential to contact a plumber ASAP.

As you can see, there are many things that could go wrong with your plumbing. However, for the most part, three common signs that you need a plumber include strange sounds coming from the pipes, unpleasant smells coming from your drain, and poor water pressure (per Bell Brothers). The good news is, the right professional plumbing services can tackle all these problems for you and more.