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Top 4 Common Plumbing Myths Debunked

Many homeowners have likely heard a thing or two about plumbing tips, techniques, or supposed strategies they could perform themselves. Even something as common as a leak, which can be found in 10% of home plumbing systems, according to the Statistics Database, can be mishandled if you don’t know the facts. Avoid falling for these four DIY myths below and get in the habit of consulting a professional drain plumber instead.

1. Hot Water Prevents Grease Clogs

There are several myths related to pouring liquids down the drain, but the most common one may be that hot water will prevent clogs by melting grease. While hot water can melt or dislodge grease and wash it down the drain, this only causes greater issues in the long run. Once the grease cools in the pipes, it’ll typically solidify and build up elsewhere, necessitating further drain pipe cleaning down the road.

2. Drain Cleaners Are Effective

Drain cleaners you can find at the grocery store can be far more ineffective than you may realize. They typically contain unsafe ingredients that could damage your pipes or harm you if they come in contact with your skin. They also tend not to work well in general, creating the need for additional drain-cleaning methods that could cause a dangerous chemical reaction if combined. It’s best to contact a drain plumber for assistance instead.

3. Flushable Wipes Can Be Flushed

“Flushable” may be in the name of many toiletries, but any wipes advertised as such can’t actually be flushed safely. These wipes don’t dissolve like standard toilet paper because they aren’t instantly water-soluble and tend to cause drain blockages. This applies not just to flushable wipes, but also anything that isn’t standard toilet paper.

4. Boiling Water Clears Buildups

On top of failing to prevent grease clogs, hot water also fails to clear clogs, in general. It’s not as effective at dislodging hair, soap scum, and other buildups as you may think. Instead of dissolving any drain buildup, hot water will just turn the clog into more of a slushy material. Using cold water will allow the solids to clot, which may help them to move down the drain. Either way, it’s best to have a professional drain plumber attend to the issue rather than doing it yourself.

It’s in your best interest to be as aware of as many plumbing truths as you can. Many of them are vital to your everyday functions and can prevent you from making expensive mistakes. If you’re experiencing any plumbing concerns, it’s best to seek licensed plumbers as soon as possible. Contact Mad Pipers Plumbing today for all of your plumbing service needs.